This place is awesome. Fast Reasonable prices. Great staff and 2 days faster then the dealership. Highly recommend!

— Google User Review ( February 2021)

This is one of the best shops I have been to in a long time thanks for all you did for me

— Google User Review (January 2021)

Needed emergency exhaust work done on my 03 RV. They knocked it out in the morning so I could get on the road home. Great friendly people, excellent work. Clean enviroment. Glad i found this shop while traveling!

— Google User Review (Janaury 2021)

Been there twice, last time they did work after TA screwed up big with my air compressor and almost messed up my engine. RPM was a life saver, was excelent from a first phone call, service writer and tech. One of the most honorable company I have delt with in past 15 years. Number 1 choice in Midwest. We have it as priority shop within 400 miles. We will pay for towing, couple of thousands as long as it ends up in RPM shop, definitely worth the money and stress. Thanks for excelent, stress free work you have done on my truck and taking care of my driver. New add. They called me after a month and after 3 months, making sure truck is working and their work stills tands. Amazing, they are simply amazing.

— Google User (January 2021)

Very friendly and helpful

— Google User Review (December 2020)

Great service at mt. vernon! Jim and his team helped me out in a pinch and got me back on the road within a few hours. Thanks guys!

— Google User Review (December 2020)

The mechanic was extremely knowledgeable and worked extremely hard for 4 hours straight. Wasn't constantly taking breaks at my expense. Had to get a little creative to remove and install the old and new part and stepped right up.

Extremely good pricing. Old time service. It was an emergency repair on a holiday weekend and not one grumble or excuse and it was a pretty hard job. Definitely a great experience all things considered. Only got a 4 because of the parking lot but if it keeps prices down its not that bad.

— Google User (December 2020)

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

My truck was showing Derate in 3 hours. My company found RPM and they pulled me in with no questions asked. The manager was really nice and professional. And the mechanic was also. Got me in and out in a timely manner. I would definitely refer them to anyone. Thank you.

— Google User Review

This is a good shop. One of the few that work on Volvo D13s. They got me in and to my surprise, they had already picked up the parts for my truck and were waiting for me to pull in. All the dealers were giving me a 1 and 2 week wait times just to see me but RPM came through when it mattered.

Now dont think this is some flimsy operation, you are not going to pay street mechanic rates.

So give them a call, what do you have to lose but a week or two down time at a dealer? Ask for Steve or Dan.

( injector and cups ,trim codes programmed, overhead ran, filters changed- about 8 hours and out the door).

— Google User Review

These guys are the best! They do great work and they go out of their way to help you! And then definitely know there stuff! Shawn,Harrison,Dan,Steve,Chris and the rest of the crew are all fabulous people who take great pride in there work. They even follow up with you after they do the work. I highly recommend this shop! In all locations. Shawn is the owner. He makes sure they are all ran the same way. And he works at each one of them when he can. Thank you RPM! You are the BEST!

— Google User Review

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Well, to begin with, I was traveling through Effingham with a load and my engine through a valve. Needed a complete overhaul with new head, new Turbo, pistons, rings, ect... I have been driving for many years and I have never been treated like family from someone so far away and someone in this type of business. They were nothing but professional and I appreciate everything that they have done for me. They come highly highly recommended. Very very professional!!!!!!!!! Thanks again to everyone at RPM truck repair!

— Google User Review

Excellent place, nice ppl. Got in and out with my problem solved within 1 h . On top of that I've got a 50$ voucher which will come of my next job done here for a job that was only 92.58 . Now that's more than half of the price that I've payed.

Thanks a lot

— Google User Review

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

Highly reccomend RPM Effingham Ram with cummins having issues with fuel system that several dealer shops could not fix or evan diagnose RPM found the problem Saved me a boat load of money by checking in with dodge and finding it was under warranty helped to find a dealer that could get me in without waiting several more days Rpm could have fixed the problem but seeing it was under warrenty with dodge saved me thousands of dollars They went way above and beyond what you would expect from a shop If I ever need a shop in Illinois they will be my first call

— Google User Review

Awesome! We were unable to start our motorhome at a local campground the day before Thanksgiving at 2pm. They were there within an hour & we were running again.

Happy Thanksgiving to the RPM family!

You sure saved ours ~

— Google User Review

These guys are great! Trustworthy.They did complete overhaul for my truck.I’m very happy the job they did. Thanks guys.

— Google User Review

Just wanted to thank you for being professional and getting the job done. Also a special thanks to the gentleman who answered the phone to take me on short notice. I will definitely be back to RPM truck repair. Thanks again Kevin and the staff

— Google User Review

Best shop around hands down. Even on pete paccar that was defeated. Got me in after lunch & rolled out in 3 hours,

— Google User Review

Truck broke down 3 miles from had no choice but to come here, barely made it (wiring issue) after paying a bill I thought for sure they didn't fix the actual issue. To my surprise a week later truck is driving perfect. Great guys!!!!!!

— Google User Review

This was are second time back to the shop, we were very pleased the first time and again pleased the second time. I called them on Friday and ask if I could get in Saturday morning Shawn told me they were only opened mon- Fri . I explained the problem I was having and he told me he would meet me there at 7:00 am Sat. Morning They worked on my truck until it was finished. I have found a new shop that will treat me rite and not over charge like most shops. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone . they work on anything that runs on diesel and there mechanics are very good. Thanks again Shawn , Bob and the crew at RPM..

— Google User Review

Called with a blown maxi brake. Brought truck right in.

In and out within an hour.

Very fair pricing.

— Google User Review

I would highly recommend this shop. I was coming across 70 and my check engine light came on and my engine deregulated I called the shop and they said they could fit me in. So I went to the shop, at the time they were pretty busy but I went to the service desk and was greeted with respect and kindness he took down my info and I waited about 30 minutes and they had me in the shop 2 mechanics came and looked at my truck and started looking for the problem. They explained everything they were doing. they found the problem fixed it and I was out of there in about 5 hours I was very pleased with both there work and the bill. I figured the bill was gonna be much higher then it was. They were very far with me and I was pleased. If I ever need work again and I'm near that area that's where I will go. Thanks for all the help guys.

— Google User Review

Shawn and his crew have worked on my S Series International multiple times. They have always been friendly and honest as far as what needed fixed. I highly recommend RPM for you diesel repairs.

— Google User Review

Great company. Helped us diagnose a Lemon truck we were about to drive home with. Saved me Thousands and a major headache!

— Google User Review

We have always had great service at RPM. They have always gone the extra mile for us, sometimes literally!

I highly recommend them.

— Google User Review

Friendly people and repair fast

— Google User Review

Good people and very friendly.had an injector replaced was in and out within 3 hrs.

— Google User Review

Great People & Great Service! We have had our trucks worked on by them several times and have never had any issues!

— Google User Review

price a little high but average excellent work timely manner if they can't fix it right they won't fix it

— Google User Review

Engine in motor home losing power

They were extremely busy but still us in and out SR day

got us

— Google User Review

I was transporting an oversize load for my business when I blew a hole in the radiator. RPM got me in immediately, removed the radiator, sent it out for repair, re-installed and had me back on the road the same day....at a reasonable cost. The best part... no more antifreeze leaks. Hard to find reputable, efficient truck repair on the road. Thank you RPM.

— David McAtee (March 2021)

These guys are awesome. It's really hard to find a shop like this nowadays. Luckily my check engine light came on and I was less than a mile away. They know what they're doing and it shows. Great prices and you get a free inspection just to let you know if anything else is going on. I'll most definitely be back.

— Ray Wilson ( March 2021)

Great people and service! Highly recommend this shop!

— Monroe Dyke (April 2021)

Good work environment, professionals and an adequate price, they replaced and programmed my ECM

— Lazari Pino