Diesel Engine Repair

At RPM TRUCK REPAIR, we've been a major truck repair shop with a vast experience in discharging diesel engine-related services in the US for years. And with the expertise that cuts across caterpillar engines and Cummins engines just to mention a few, we can comfortably say we've mastered the art of fixing your heavy equipment.
Our highly-skilled mechanics are top-notch professionals who possess excellent craftsmanship. More importantly, we offer fleet management services tailored to meet your operational standards. And with the perfect customer relation and impeccable services, rest assured your diesel engines are in safe hands.

Top Vehicle Brand We Service

We pride ourselves on diversified knowledge in handling different diesel engines from an array of vehicle manufacturers. some of the truck models we handle include:

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Detroit
  • Volvo
  • Mack
  • Isuzu
  • Perkins

Even better, we pride ourselves with the state-of-the-art equipment to handle any kind of truck repair jobs. Whether it's caterpillar engines or Cummins engine repair, trust us, we can deliver.

More on Our Diesel Engine Repair

  • Mobile Repair

    Managing a fleet of trucks can be a daunting undertaking if you don't have a reliable partner. At RPM TRUCK REPAIR, we help simplify the process by providing comprehensive mobile services tailored to the success of your business. By subscribing to our services per your location, you rest assured that our top-class and experienced rapid response mechanics will be at the site where you need them in no time. More importantly, we own 15, 000 LB cranes tailored for both short and long distance hauling.
  • Vast Vendor Network

    We understand your trucks are amongst your most valuable investment. That's why we always focus on using quality parts from credible manufactures. Whether we are replacing parts in your diesel engines or conducting minor repairs, we always strive to use top of the shelf spare parts. More importantly, we partner with brands that can deliver fast to ensure your work is handled promptly. And with our detailed reporting on repairs and use of mobile scanners, we provide fast turnarounds while providing satisfactory diesel engine repair services.
  • Oil and Lube Changes

    Did you know your diesel engines need regular lubrication to increase their lifespan? We know it at RPM TRUCK REPAIR and we are always ready to help you with the undertaking. With our tailored preventive maintenance programs for fleets, we can create a comprehensive schedule to service your diesel engine. More importantly, we always use synthetic and quality oil to make sure that your engines run efficiently and effectively. Whether it's caterpillar engines or Cummins engines, we are the real deal.
  • Engine Diagnostics

    If your engine diagnostic light on your semi-tractor trailer or other trucks comes on, it's an indicator that you should schedule an appointment with RPM TRUCK REPAIR. We understand these lights are an indicator of a problem or a potential issue waiting to happen. With our top-notch diesel engine services, we have a vast knowledge of diagnosing and fixing your engine-related problems. So, if you are looking for diagnostic repair for your semi-tractor trailer, RPM TRUCK REPAIR should be your first stop.
  • DPF & Diagnostic & Repair

    We pride ourselves on vast experience in providing exclusive wheel alignment services. And with our computerized services and state-of-the-art equipment, we are equipped to handle your mobile fleet wheel alignment needs. We understand that unbalanced wheels can cause a lot of steering problems and that's why we are dedicated to keeping you and your drivers safe on the road.
  • Engine Rebuild

    At RPM TRUCK REPAIR, we have highly qualified technicians to help you with your engine rebuilding undertaking. With parts sourced from credible manufacturers, rest assured your engine job will be done as it should. We understand logistic trucks handle heavy tasks and that's why we always handle engine restoration jobs with the precision they require. For more information on our engine repair services, contact us.