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Medium Duty Diesel Repair

With decades of experience, we strive to offer fleet management services that count. Ranging from Ford F350F450F550, Box Trucks, Mercedes Sprinter, delivery vans, box trucks, to bread trucks, and many more, we are more than ready to help you.
Our mechanics are well equipped to handle any medium-duty diesel repair and other heavy equipment repair jobs with an experience that spans over 10 years. Our fleet management services integrate preventive maintenance plans to grow your business.

More on Our Medium Duty Diesel Repair

  • DOT and Safety Inspection

    Every heavy equipment, CMV included, should comply with safety standards. And fleet owners must have their commercial vehicles undergo annual DOT inspection and other safety inspections. At RPM Truck Repair, we can help you address any issue raised by safety inspectors. More importantly, we know areas where the inspectors pay attention to, such as electrical systems, braking systems, transmission systems, and many more. For more information on medium-duty truck repair, contact us.
  • Mobile Truck Repair

    Mobile Repair Services

    Owning a fleet of medium-duty diesel trucks means that breakdowns can happen anywhere. And with our mobile repair services, you get to sleep better at night knowing the best of the best are on the lookout for such shortcomings. Our quick response team composes top mechanics with an experience of over ten years. And with the state-of-the-art equipment such as 15,000 lb. mobile cranes, you're assured of fast turnarounds. At RPM TRUCK REPAIR, we believe in customers' satisfaction.
  • Broad Manufacturer and Vendor Network

    For decades, we have always used superior parts in medium-duty diesel trucks and other heavy equipment repair and maintenance that meet operational standards. Through a vast network that we've built over the years with diverse top brands in the market, we receive quality parts fast and reliably. The parts meet ISO standards and will help your fleet pass the safety inspections with ease. More importantly, we offer quality parts at very competitive market prices.
  • Oil and Lube Services

    Whether it's Box Trucks or Ford F350F450F550, your heavy equipment runs optimally when well-lubricated. At RPM Equipment Repair, we can help you check oil levels and replenish them. More importantly, we offer oil filtration services for your fleet. And by use of our synthetic oils and lubes, you're assured that your Mercedes Sprinter will keep running optimally and complying with all the safety standards.
  • Engine Diagnostic Services

    We are a leading brand in providing engine diagnostic repairs in the US. And for decades now, we have helped fleet owners save millions on what would be otherwise expensive engine breakdown repairs by identifying potential problems through diagnosis. In the process, we clean components, replace parts, conduct manufacturer's technical updates, and many more services to ensure your medium-truck engine serves you as it should. We also advise our clients on upgrades that can improve their diesel engine efficiency.
  • Wheel Alignment Repair

    At RPM TRUCK REPAIR, we provide computerized wheel alignment services tailored to meet your fleet's needs. And with the state-of-the-art equipment, we assure you of fast services. Our technicians have done this kind of work for decades, so, they are rich in experience. Whether it's your box trucks or any other medium-duty diesel truck, we enjoy making your fleet safe on the road. More importantly, no wheel alignment job is too big or too small for us to handle. We always strive to get it right the first time.