Who You'll Meet at RPM Truck Repair

Let us introduce ourselves! We're a well-rounded group of diesel repair technicians and customer service professionals ready to help with all your truck and equipment service needs.

Our Owners, Shawn & Donna Fitzjarrald

Shawn Fitzjarrald, grew up in Xenia, Illinois and graduated from Flora High School in 1988. Early on, he and his father ran a repair shop out of their garage. He later worked at a salvage yard, factory, and eventually both dealership and independent truck shops. Shawn is certified with Cat, Cummins, and International engines.

Donna (Harris) Fitzjarrald, a 1992 graduate of Effingham High School, found her love for accounting from her neighbors, where she worked in her first office. She later attended Sparks Business College in 1993.

In 1996, Shawn and Donna met, fell in love and then were married in September of 1998. They now reside in Altamont where they raise their 3 children.

Shawn and Donna began the dream of being self-employed. Through a lot of prayer and communication, they opened Reliable Professional Maintenance, Inc. (RPM) on May 1, 2008. Shawn's leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit along side of Donna's love for accounting and organization has helped them immensely through the years.

Their motto at RPM is, "If it runs on diesel, we'll fix it!" Rpm started out small, but has grown to an independent truck shop that they are proud to own. "Our goal is to provide a trustworthy place where people can be treated like friends, trust the person working on their equipment, and to fix it right the first time!" Shawn strives to pass this knowledge onto his employees each and every day.

RPM Truck Repair Auto Repair Shop

Our goal is to provide a trustworthy place where people can be treated like friends, trust the person working on their equipment, and to fix it right the first time!


Dan - Service Writer at RPM

Dan, Outside Sales - Effingham

Dan came to us in 2017 with more than 25 years of customer service experience. Dan's knowledge of the repair process, his nature to work well with the public and his constant good mood is what makes him a great addition to our team. Dan started with us as a service writer but through working with him we learned the sales and talking to people is what he was meant to do! So in 2018, Dan become our Outside Salesman, his job is now to visit anyone and everyone in Effingham and the surrounding counties and see if there is anything we can do to help them. Don't be surprised if Dan randomly stops by to chat!

Chris - Shop Manager at RPM

Chris, Shop Manager - Palestine

Chris joined our team in 2016 as a foreman/ manager. Chris will be taking on the role of running and managing the shop. Thus far he is doing a very good job. Chris came to us with many years of experience. Chris resides in Hutsonville and likes having the ability to go home at lunch.  In his free time he likes to work on projects, weld, and spend time with his two dogs. We are very proud to welcome him aboard. Next time you drop in, introduce yourself. He would love to meet you!

Jim - Dispatcher at RPM

Jim, Dispatcher - Effingham

Jim is our dispatcher/ service writer. He haas been working in the truck repair industry for over 30 years and has 15 years experience as a service writer. Jim currently resides in Rinard IL with his wife Jane. Jim has 5 children whom he enjoys spending his time with. An interesting fact about JIm is that he is a hunting Guide. Jim rounds out our service counter team and we are excited for you to work with him!

Adam - Service Writer at RPM Truck Repair in Palestine, IL

Adam, Service Writer - Palestine

Adam is our full- time service writer in Palestine. He came to us with two years of experience and while he has only worked in this industry a short time, he has caught on quickly and makes a great addition to our team! Adam is a lifelong resident of the Palestine area. Adam has a degree in process technology and applied sciences which may not be needed for service writing but the skills learned through schooling has helped him along the way. In Adam's free time he enjoys shooting his bow, playing basketball, and helping on the family farm. You will never find Adam grumpy, he's usually singing, dancing, or telling jokes to his coworkers in his downtime. Next time you are in the shop, Adam will be taking care of you with the friendliest of smiles!

Travis - Effingham Technician at RPM

Steve, Service Advisor - Effingham

Steve is our night owl or our 2nd shift service advisor. He surprisingly came to us with no prior experience in the industry but if you talk with him now he has learned and caught on quickly. His strengths in this position are his customer service and organization skills. Steve can literally carry on a conversation with anyone and that makes him a perfect match to this position! In his free time, Steve likes to spend time with his family. If your rig is broke down late at night, Steve will be the smiling face taking care of you!

Dan - Lead Technician & In-house Trainer at RPM Truck Repair in Palestine, IL

Dan, Lead Technician & In-house Trainer - Effingham

Dan Hoffman is our lead technician and in-house trainer at our Effingham location. He has 39 years of experience in the truck repair industry. Dan is a lifelong resident of Effingham where he lives with his wife of 40 years, Mary Lynn. They are blessed with two children and four grandchildren. Dan enjoys keeping busy whether it be woodworking or traveling, but when you give him a second to sit down he will probably be sleeping. We are so happy to have Dan and all of his truck repair knowledge on our team.

Jason, Technician - Palestine

Jason is a newbie to the repair industry. Although he only has a few years under his belt, Jason is a great addition! Before leaping into this industry, Jason was certified for fire, police and emergency services. Jason and his wife Stacey have lived in Robinson for more than 10 years. In Jason's free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, boating and spending time with his family. Jason's favorite truck to work on is Mack.

Dustin - Technician at RPM in Effingham, IL

Dustin, Technician - Effingham

Dustin is a 2004 Nashville Auto Diesel College graduate. He lives in Vandalia with his wife, Heather, and their four children. Dustin is a great asset to our team as well. He is well-rounded as a technician working on everything from electronic programming to overhauls to suspension repair. He is highly trained on all the latest electronic engines.

Shaelee - Executive Assistant at RPM Truck Repair

Shaelee, Executive Assistant - Palestine

Shaelee is our Executive Assistant. She assists the owners is various tasks along with taking care of all the social media marketing, paper marketing, and email marketing. She also handles writing payroll for all the RPM employees. Shaelee recently moved to Hutsonville, IL to be closer to work. In her free time, Shaelee likes to spend time with her boyfriend, paint, and snuggle with her two puppies!

Ralph - Technician at RPM in Effingham, IL

Ralph, Technician - Effingham

Ralph has been a technician since 1986. He is a lifelong resident of the Effingham area with his wife Norma. He is one of our lead techs ranging from engine rebuilds to electrical work. Ralph is a seasoned mechanic in all areas of repair on equipment and trucks. Ralph likes to keep everyone on their toes here at the shop. In his spare time, he enjoys restoring old tractors.

Kevin - Effingham Technician at RPM

Kevin, Technician - Effingham

Kevin Habing has over five years of experience as a diesel technician. His abilities range from electronic diagnosis to engine overhauls to chassis repair. Kevin is a great asset to the team and he is willing to work on anything that is thrown his way. He is a lifelong resident of Altamont. In his spare time, Kevin spends time with his daughter, Isabelle, hanging out with his girlfriend, Kami, and riding 4-wheelers with his friends.

Latham, Technician - Effingham

Latham joined our crew right out of tech school. With that being said Latham is a good technician that strives to get better everyday. Latham is a lifelong resident of Toledo. In his free time he likes to hunt, fish, and spend time with his friends. Latham also has a dog named, Archy. "My favorite thing about RPM is the diversity of trucks and types of repairs that come in." he said. We are proud that Latham chose RPM to further his education and gain knowledge from our in- house trainers.

Jake Thomas - Security at RPM Truck Repair

Jake Thomas, Security (Effingham & Palestine)

Jake Thomas (known to most as Jake Jake) is our head of security. Jake is the dog of the owners, Shawn and Donna Fitzjarrald. Jake has been part of our crew since he was old enough to know his own name. Don't let that snaggletooth fool you, Jake is 100% non-vicious. He spends his free time eating cookies and showering everyone he sees with puppy kisses! Next time you are in the shop, don't be surprised if this little furball is the first friendly face to greet you!

Ron - Outside Sales at RPM

Ron, Parts Department - Effingham

Ron has been in the parts field for over 45 years and is also Donna's dad. He joined our team in late 2011 and resides in Effingham with his wife, Sherrill. Ron is known by many and brings some great experience to our team. We say that he knows more about truck parts than most will ever know. Ron fills the position of the parts department and enjoys being back in the office. Next time your in need of a part, give Ron a call and he will gladly find you what your looking for!

Harrison, Technician In Training - Effingham

Harrison is our technician-in-training. He is currently in high school and was originally hired on ‚Äčto be a janitor. He later realized that he wanted to learn how to work on trucks. Harrison and his little tool box can be seen doing small jobs alone or assisting other coworkers on big jobs. In his free time Harrison enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with friends. Harrison's favorite truck to work on is his own!

Willie, Auto Technician - Palestine

Willie joined our team in 2018 and makes a great addition as our automotive technician. Willie has been working in this industry for more than 5 years and loves what he does. He treats our customer's vehicles as his own and worries about the safety aspect of each of every vehicle that comes in. He currently resides in Hutsonville with his wife and children and enjoys spending all his free time spending time with his family and friends. Willie's favorite car to work on is anything Chevy! Next time you're in, he will be the one inspection your vehicle or returning your keys to the counter after a job.

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