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"The guys at RPM were great. Friendly and very efficient. I took our Motorhome to the Effingham shop for full service. They got it done quickly. I will be back when I need anything done in the future"

— Kelly Edwards (October 2019)

"RPM goes out the way for customers! I have an oil change they picked my truck up at work and dropped..."

— Lendzy Gordon (October 2019)

"Best location in IL to have your truck work on highly recommend it"

— Luis Rodriguez (October 2019)

"The whole staff at RPM are very caring and professional at what they do. They go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of and always follow up with a courtesy call to see how your vehicle is doing after repairs. I would recommend RPM to anyone who needs the simplest oil service to the in depth mechanical repairs."

— Jeff Besing (July 2019)

"RPM TRUCK REPAIR is a blessing to the trucking industry., Quality affordable repairs with minimal down time."

— Brad (May 2019)

"This is a good shop. One of the few that work on Volvo D13s. They got me in and to my surprise, they had already picked up the parts for my truck and were waiting for me to pull in. All the dealers were giving me a 1 and 2 week wait times just to see me but RPM came through when it mattered. Now dont think this is some flimsy operation, you are not going to pay street mechanic rates. So give them a call, what do you have to lose but a week or two down time at a dealer? Ask for Steve or Dan. "

—Road to Emmaus (April 219)

"Friendly people and repair fast"

— Pete (January 2019)

"Good knowledgeable mechanics and friendly staff"

— Bart (January 2019)

"The service was quick and the price was fantastic and i was really happy with the reputation they had thanks guys!!!!"

— Scott Brasel (Oct 2018)

"Great company. Helped us diagnose a Lemon truck we were about to drive home with. Saved me Thousands and a major headache! "

— Michael (May 2018)

"This was are second time back to the shop, we were very pleased the first time and again pleased the second time. I called them on Friday and ask if I could get in Saturday morning Shawn told me they were only opened mon- Fri . I explained the problem I was having and he told me he would meet me there at 7:00 am Sat. Morning They worked on my truck until it was finished. I have found a new shop that will treat me rite and not over charge like most shops. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone . they work on anything that runs on diesel and there mechanics are very good. Thanks again Shawn, Bob, and the crew at RPM."

— Sloane (March 2018)

"Great mechanics and honest people. My truck has been repaired here and has never run better."

— Robert (December 2017)

"These people went so above and beyond for me. I was stuck on the interstate, they came and got me going and followed me to their shop. They looked at my truck right away and would have had me back on the road but the part they needed was not available locally. They ordered my part for overnight delivery and gave me a ride to a local hotel. The next morning they finished the truck and picked me up. The charges were extremely fair and I was back on the road. When I got back to NY I showed my mechanic the bill and he was shocked that they could have charged me way way more!"

— Dave (January 2017)

"Great People & Great Service! We have had our trucks worked on by them several times and have never had any issues!"

— Payton (August 2017)

"Great people. Have known Shawn & Donna for years. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and really care about fixing it right the first time. I highly recommend them."

— Nicole (February 2017)

"Very courteous and funny people. Got the job done quickly and correctly. Thanks so much. I had my granddaughter with me so I really appreciated the quick service."

— Nancy (August 2016)

"Incredible business and great people! They truly care about their customers, employees and will help with anything you need."

— Chad (June 2016)

"I took my F-350 to RPM in Effingham. Truck had a injector problem. They fixed it quick and affordable. Back to bull hauling. Thanks guys at RPM."

— Lukas (March 2016)

"This shop was great. They found out what was wrong and fixed it right. They saved us a ton of money. We paid out a chunk to Volvo and their mechanics didn't know how to fix their own trucks. They know about all types of engines and make sure its fixed right. We appreciate them so much!!!!"

— Sam & Clara (March 2016)


— Mike (December 2015)

"They looked and found the problem on my truck. They where fast and cheap for a great job."

— Chris (August 2015)

"Very fast and profesional service and a very freindly atmosphere. Highly recommend."

—Charles (June 2014)

"I had my F250 7.3 in for glow plugs and injector work. They were able to get me right in and get the work done quickly and for a good price. I would highly recommend them any diesel work."

—Dru (July 2013)

"They are the best... wonderful down to earth... kind hearted ppl... O and they do great work too!! ;-)"

—Tara (April 2014)

"Best shop around hands down. Even on pete paccar that was defeated. Got me in after lunch & rolled out in 3 hours,"

—Tommy Anderson (July 2019)

"Very Impressed....I only gave them 5 stars because they did'nt have 10! ********** Things that impressed me before they even rolled my truck in the shop......... When Bobby finished the truck he was working on, he grabbed a mop and bucket and mopped the whole bay before bringing my truck in.....that tells me alot about this shop. Steve was very courteous and professional and listened to what i had to say. Bobby got to work on my electrical problem and had it knocked out quickly so i could get back on the road......Bobby even jumped up in the cab and went with me on a test drive to assure i was happy with the repair. Another thing that really impressed me was thier attitude towards quality control. Everything that gets done gets looked at by a senior tech to make sure they did everything correctly. Steve gave me a very clear and neat invoice along with information on thier referral program all in a very professional folder with a coozie. Bottom line......these people are the real deal. "

— Grant Van Dolah (April 2019)

"Truck broke down 3 miles from had no choice but to come here, barely made it (wiring issue) after paying a bill I thought for sure they didn't fix the actual issue. To my surprise a week later truck is driving perfect. Great guys!!!!!! "

— Sergey (January 2019)

"My alternator went out Thursday evening. Friday, they had it repaired, and ready to go. Fantastic customer service, start to finish. I even received a call Monday morning from them making sure everything was working well."

— Sarah (January 2019)

"Called with a blown maxi brake. Brought truck right in. In and out within an hour. Very fair pricing."

— Matthew (October 2018)

"We have always had great service at RPM. They have always gone the extra mile for us, sometimes literally! I highly recommend them."

— Lisa (October 2017)

"I would highly recommend this shop. I was coming across 70 and my check engine light came on and my engine deregulated I called the shop and they said they could fit me in. So I went to the shop, at the time they were pretty busy but I went to the service desk and was greeted with respect and kindness he took down my info and I waited about 30 minutes and they had me in the shop 2 mechanics came and looked at my truck and started looking for the problem. They explained everything they were doing. They found the problem fixed it and I was out of there in about 5 hours I was very pleased with both there work and the bill. I figured the bill was gonna be much higher then it was. They were very far with me and I was pleased. If ever need work again and I'm near that area that's where I will go. Thanks for all the help guys."

— Joe (February 2018)

"Professional Diesel Mechanics."

— Don (January 2018)

"RPM has worked on our S Series International Tow Truck multiple times. They have always been really friendly and informative. They were honest about what was crucial to repair and what might be a future concern. Thanks for your service to my truck."

—Mark (June 2017)

"did a great job as always. would not take my truck to any one else."

— Greg (January 2017)

"Excellent place, nice ppl. Got in and out with my problem solved within 1 h . On top of that I've got a 50$ voucher which will come of my next job done here for a job that was only 92.58 . Now that's more than half of the price that I've payed. Thanks a lot!"

— (December 2016)

"Very professional and respectful and honest :)"

— Heat Express, INC (October 2016)

"I had a truck broke down in you area a couple of months ago, my driver manage to limp down the interstate toward effingham while I searched for a truck repair shop on the internet. After finding your shop, I directed him there. Upon his arrival you quickly inspected and repaired the problem and had him on the road in about 1 hour all at a very low price. He was several hundred miles from home and many shops would have taken advantage of that especially since he was driving a 6.0 ford diesel. Thank you and I would highly recommend you to anyone."

— Lamar (July 2016)

"This is the best shop we have had our truck in for several years. This crew of guys know what the heck they are doing and do it right. We have never been treated so well by a shop and leave with our shirt still in tack!!!! If you have DEF problems bring your truck here. They fixed what Volvo failed to do for 3 years. Many different Volvo dealers and many dollars later we found RPM. What a blessing."

— Cowboy (March 2016)

"Came in 8 minutes after opening time for a fuel leak and within an hour they had it pin pointed and repaired. One of the absolute best medium/heavy duty truck repair shops in the Effingham area."

— Cody (March 2016)

"Brought my truck in because it wasn't shifting right expecting to have to make an appointment to have it looked at, instead they pulled it in the shop right then and in ten minutes found the problem. Had to order parts, brought it back in and in bout an hour it was shifting like new. Their name says it all and I would highly recommend anyone to use their shop."

—Phillip (November 2015)

"I called them on a Monday morning with major codes showing on my truck. Got it to them and they had my truck fixed and running awesome in just over 24 hrs. These guys are good, fast and friendly. Very professional. I highly recommend them if you are in Effingham area and need work done."

—Daina (September 2015)

"Very impressed!"

—Daina (September 2015)

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